Product Functionality Guarantee

Product Functionality Guarantee / Warranty

We ensure the functionality of each product / part purchased from our online shop for 30 days after arrival to you.* We will gladly replace, or refund you in the event of any mishaps or issues in regard to your order. There are a few limitations such as: water damage, shock damage (with obvious cosmetic damage) and complete loss of the product that are not covered by this free warranty included with purchase. The outcome of this limited warranty, for any claim, is subject to the initial seller and circumstance surrounding it.** Our primary goal in business is to deliver a competitively high quality product partnered with an exceptional customer experience. 

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Additional information in regards to this warranty, can be found in our terms of service.

*30 Rolling Calendar days following tracking proof of delivery with any shipping carrier we may use.

**This warranty is only valid for any purchase made from and is not reflective or provided with the original manufacture or warranties of their respective licensing operations.