We believe in preserving the digital past and reminding you of the more simple times. Each of our professionally restored items are crafted with love and a deep attention to detail. We put time and effort into providing a large variety of retro and new gaming products alike as well as bringing relics of the past back into new light, using only genuine internal parts and quality replacements for any pieces that are no longer manufactured in our fully restored consoles. The team here also holds a deep commitment to authenticity with all of our games and original consoles alike. Our commitment to that feeling of nostalgia that warms your heart is part in why we do what we do even in the modern age of constant innovation and change.
Where can I come shop?
We currently operate entirely on this website primarily and a few other sales channels online. We do occasionally also vend and sell to local stores in Richmond, VA. While we do not have a physical store-front, you might see us at a few events or pop up shops! (Might even get lucky and find a LEVEL UP card laying about!) 
How long does shipping take? 
Shipping on average takes about 3-7 days to get to you, but please allow up to 10 business days for custom made products. We will certainly do our best and work quickly to get your items to you. 
What can be expected with my purchase? 
We can promise your satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail in any of our restored products. Not to mention an individually catered to customer experience. 
How do I get in contact about an order I made or general question? 
If you have any questions at all, or just want to chat. We are available anytime at our support email: support@8bittrade.com or 8bittrade@Gmail.com / Either one is fine, since they are both the same inbox. You can also message us on Facebook at: 8BitTrade or Instagram @8BitTrade as well. For more contact options, please click here.
Is there any warranty with the products I buy from you?
Yes, we offer a 30-day product functionality warranty. Meaning that if your product arrives not functioning or loses function within 30 days (water damage and drop damage excluded) we will accept a return and fully refund you no hassle. You also have 30 days once the item arrives back to you to return it no questions asked. We offer exchanges, but would prefer if you just re-buy the product you'd like after being refunded. (It's a little easier on our end.) 
What's the difference between AGS-001 & AGS-101?
The difference boils down overall to brightness. The AGS-001 was the initial model release and the AGS-101 is a newer / modded screen offering enhanced contrast and a brighter, easy to see display. The 001 is more for collectors and the 101 is great for those who want to play their games with high visibility. Unlike modern OLED's and LED's, old handheld systems relied on pretty basic lighting systems or none at all to allow the display to be seen. 
The picture on the website is just the shell for what I ordered... Is that what I'm getting?
No, if you check the product description you will notice that it says that photos of the shell are only indicative of the color of the product you will receive, not the final result. Examples of the final product may be posted for reference as well, but every item is hand made from us, meaning that it could vary based customization you request. If you pay for a fully functioning game-boy, you will get a full game-boy. You can find examples of finished product from us both on site and on our Instagram: @8BitTrade
Do you sell genuine Nintendo, etc. products? 
Yes. Authenticity is a core aspect of what we do to. We ensure this with all video games / original consoles sold on our site or any product that embellishes the Nintendo seal of approval is 100% authentic. We check over every detail of a product to back this up and only source the best of the best for our clients.
The only exception of this may occur with any restored / modded / custom build we sell and produce on our site. This is only due to OEM (Original Manufacture) parts not being available anymore or simply not previously existing in the first place. We still do use all authentic internals and every component we can preserve when restoring a system to its former glory. You can read more about this directly below!
How good is the quality on your components and mods?
We literally do not mind spending more to get the absolute best quality parts in all of our builds and work very hard within the community to source the latest and greatest without cutting any corners. Some builds can get very expensive for this reason and it's worth noting that so much more than basic restoration goes into our process. 
Any parts you buy from us have a 30 day warranty that we will honor in pretty much any case. Get a battery that shorted somehow? Let us know. We'll refund you no problem, or send a new one out. Just be honest with us and we promise to make it easy and as no-hassle as possible. (But we'll inspect everything part-wise before shipment too, as I am doing while I type this.) 
All internal components come from previously owned systems and are professionally cleaned, fixed, or replaced as necessary. If there was an issue with the original speaker for example, we will replace it, but also put in new thread boards to ensure best functionality, pretty much free of charge. You can shop with trust in us.
Every game purchased from 8-Bit Trade is guaranteed to be 100% authentic, no questions asked. We check serial numbers and all other important factors. There also may even be a save file on the game. Don't worry, this is just to test the save battery/functionality out! 
Any console that is not modded, is sourced responsibly and is also guaranteed to be 100% authentic, with all original parts. No exceptions.
I made a return or canceled my order, when can I expect a refund?
Things happen, and we get that! After you've made your return, you can expect a refund to post to your account as soon as we receive your product back. Refunds typically take 1-3 business days to post back to your account, but we ask that you allow up to 5 just in case some banks take a bit longer to process funds. 
Have additional questions?
Feel free to fill out the form below to contact us directly. We will follow up with you shortly.